AKE-500 Eggs Tray Depalletizer

Egg trays fully automatically with an industrial robot for depalletising. An application has also been implemented on the market for several times.

What distinguishes the AKE-500 egg tray Depalletizer of AKON Robotics?

The AKE-500 is superimposed by an egg tray Depalletizer, which is capable of four stacks with six egg tray to take over from the full pallets and palletising on corresponding conveyor technology.

Besides pure depalletizing task of egg trays, the grippers used can also pile up appropriate liners called Divider and plastic empty pallets on respective empty seats.

In the construction of the corresponding gripper, the engineers of the company AKON Robotics made sure the resulting tolerances can be compensated in the used egg trays, liners and pallets to a corresponding percentage.
Without this the depalletizing system malfunctions.

Their high experience, the company AKON Robotics in the area of the gripper assembly has, ensures that you do not get the customer a Risky solution with inferior gripper technology.

Kawasaki industrial robot BX200-LAKE-500 Depalletizer with new industrial robot

We put in our systems primarily an industrial robot of the robot manufacturer Kawasaki Robotics.

The hollow shafts robot BX-200 L is for our egg tray palletizer standard robot we use.
If greater distances are necessary because of complex tasks during depalletizing of egg trays, the company AKON Robotics can draw without any problems on the vast robotic product portfolio of the company Kawasaki Robotics.

The industrial robot BX200L is a so-called hollow-shaft robot, thereby interfering contours, such as Supply lines, can be cleanly done through the wrist.

Another advantage of this robot for our AKE-500 Depalletizer lies in the narrower space can be better realized by its slim design.
In combination with the optional Cubic-S safety area boundary, it is finally possible, the prescribed safety limits, to bring closer to the robot.

Standard or individual Concepts

AKE-500 Egg tray Depalletizer - system conceptAKE-500 Egg tray Depalletizer - system conceptWe offer not only the so-called standard applications to individual solutions for you.

The optimal use of synergies, is what the AKE-500 Egg tray Depalletizer apart from the competition.

The latest sensor technology ensures that before depalletize the egg tray, the location of the Divider and egg trays are detected quickly and safely. Thereby it is ensured that, not push the tines receive the egg tray in the sensitive product in a complete and full eggs knock over in extreme cases, tray tower.

Even with the conveyor system to bring the full pallets or discharging of stacked towers of Divider or plastic pallets, we have made no compromises in the art. Here flat chain conveyor strands of stainless steel are used with nickel-plated conveyor chains.
Just the flat chain conveyor strands ensure that a light load per truck, mast lift or forklift is possible.

Furthermore, the entire technology can be easily cleaned.

AKE-500 with gripper system for EggsCargoSystem®

Logo - EggsCargoSystem®The Eggs Cargo System is the leading system for egg trays and the corresponding liners and plastic pallets worldwide. For this reason, we have optimized our employed gripper system for the palletizing of egg trays on this system.

Occurring tolerances that are customary in each system, we can compensate with our gripper system for the egg tray.

Two strong systems come together to ensure that pay off your investments.

Video Egg tray depalletizing

In this video you will see a corresponding automation system for depalletizing of egg tray stack.

Could we arouse your interest?

If we could arouse your interest in our AKE-500 egg tray-Depalletizer, then sit down with us, we look forward to you.

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