AKE-300 Egg Packing Packer

The AKE-300 palletizer cell for egg packaging in cartons or displays , combines a relatively small footprint with high efficiency in the palletizing of egg packaging in boxes and displays.

The AKE-300 palletizer cell should not simply pack the palletizing and packaging of eggs in cartons , displays ,implement eggs trays and plastic crates , but it is intended to produce the most possible low space requirement , with comparable performance and effectiveness to existing standard products from market competitors .

Egg Case and Display Packer

The AKE-300 Case and Display Packer for eggs packaging in cartons and displays is an interesting alternative to the MOBA MR30 Case-display-combi or Sanovo Case Packer 160The company AKON Robotics has in the concept design for the AKE-300 eggs packing palletizer / loader , pay attention that can be implemented special requests from prospective customers or clients .

In the picture on the right you can see a solution where several AKE-300 eggs Packing palletizer / charger stand side by side , so that each pair of lanes of a grader can be operated by an industrial robot,

By in this case, compact design of the AKE-300 palletizing cell , there is the possibility of a man lots packaging of egg packaging in boxes and displays.
In the optimal case , one or two employees are only per layer needed that ensure ,that the corresponding packaging materials of the automation system are supplied .

In combination with the AKE-600 Egg Carton palletizer at the end of the packaging line , a consistent approach is our customers and interested parties.

Not just standard

Unlike most vendors of automation systems in the field of egg processing industry , sets the company AKON Robotics on individual concepts .
From our extensive experience in the field of automation technology , we know that not every operation is like the other . Alone often structural reasons .

The AKE-300 palletizer cell can be equipped with additional options and thus functions :

Below a small selection of possible options .

  • Vertical cardboard , plastic crates or pallets Bunker
  • Fuser for safe placement of empty containers
  • Upstream rotation unit for exact template form ,for more effective palletizing complete Part Location Images
  • Fully automatic feeding of empty pallets and transport of full pallets
  • Connection to AKE-600 Egg Carton palletizer

Top View - The AKE-300 Case and Display Packer for egg packaging in cartons and displays is an interesting alternative to the MOBA MR30 Case-display-combi or Sanovo Case Packer 160Exactly through this individuality and the numerous additional options , the AKE-300 eggs Packing loader palletiser / cartons, displays ,Eiertrays and plastic crates also a customized automation tool that supports your operation at the daily challenges .


Talk to us and we think with you how your processes can be automated optimized.

Do not settle with the-shelf solutions satisfactoryIf your operation is also individually .

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