Palletizing and depalletizing with the corresponding palletizing systems and the high expertise of the company Akon Robotics secures your investment tion for the future.

The optimized palletizing of boxes, sacks, wheels, buckets and other products requires an optimal interplay of many factors.

This optimized interaction of palletizers - palletizing systems, gripper systems and corresponding palletizing software increases the appropriate distribution of your palletizing automation system.

Palletizing - Palletiser for Palletising of buckets with two Kawasaki Robot Palletizer.


Effectiveness - functionality and stability distinguish the palletizing Company AKON Robotics.

In conjunction with optimized automated transport systems, as well as sophisticated conveyor systems that will palletize a breeze.

All these factors ensure a perfect automation system in the field of palletizing by a palletizing robot or by an individual palletizers.

Different tasks in the field of palletizing automation systems with your different emphases allowed the company Akon Robotics already realized in recent years.

Palletizing Robot / Palletizer of Kawasaki Robotics GmbH and the company KUKA Roboter GmbH are used for these complex automation tasks in the field of palletizing by the company AKON Robotics.

Take contact with us to discuss with you the optimal palletizing solution for your business.

Eggs, a sensitive good. Eggs were in the past and are subjected in the presence of different production steps.
Whether it palletize the so-called egg trays is or depalletizing the appropriate egg trays to these other stages of production supply.
Just always had the egg packaging with the requirements of large- or retailing are picked.

At the present time, however, these individual production steps need to be increasingly automated to be the factors of production increase, cost reduction meet with high quality standards.

There are in the market of automation technology for egg products already numerous providers. Whereby we must always see that the concept of automation technology and related factors are not thought through.
Decisive here is certainly the factor "It must not cost anything" and it therefore satisfied with half-solutions, not really support the above factors.

We, the company AKON Robotics, basically offer our customers in all industries to solutions where the added value and thus the full implementation of appropriate automation factors is ensured.

Cheap to others, but the better concepts, the company AKON Robotics.

You will find it easy any standard solutions, but we develop concepts and automation solutions that are tailored to you as a customer.

Our product portfolio for egg products are solutions for egg trays for Palletizing or depalletizing, and for egg packaging of various shapes to be palletized.
The egg tray separation is achieved by us with robotics and a corresponding gripper concept. This step was necessary in our view, as we integrate into the gripper system solutions space, later to be able to offer solutions, these systems with corresponding image processing.

Also solutions for Casepacker or display Loader are in our portfolio, as well as automation solutions for egg-carton palletizing and order picking.

In all of these solutions is one very important!

The technology used, industrial robots used the robot manufacturer Kawasaki Robotics and the latest safety regulations meet by AKON Robotics the current state of technology and thus offer you as a customer a high reliability in the availability.

Because nothing is ineffective if the effectiveness is not achieved by wrong technique, and ultimately automation solution over time will cost more money than it brings in.

Used Industrial Robots

The company AKON Robotics is a System Partner of Kawasaki Robotics Europe, with your seat in Neuss / Germany.
Through years of close cooperation and by communication between the companies, favors the company AKON Robotics for such applications, the industrial robot from Kawasaki Robotics.

Kawasaki Robotics is one of the four largest suppliers of industrial robots worldwide.
This ensures that the technical innovation and the support also is always up to date and also worldwide support is guaranteed.

Video Eggs Trays Depalletizing

In this video you will see a corresponding automation system for palletizing of egg tray stacks.

Following you can learn more about each product area.


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