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Gripper systems, welding robot systems as well as systems for palletizing and depalletizing must always be used in the industrial production of high quality products to maintain the quality and cost pressures of the market stand.

In these systems, high-quality, optimized automation components must be used to ensure that the manufacturing processes run as required Scheduled.

All this makes the company AKON Robotics sure its products in the field of gripper systems, welding applications and palletizing.

Inform yourself about the quality products of AKON Robotics available online.

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QUALITY are important to us

The company AKON Robotics is across Germany / Europe known for high quality and safe products in the field of automation, robotics, gripper technology and special machines.

These systems and applications must be able to realize an optimized cost-benefit calculation for the owner in an appropriate period of time.

Such a correspondingly optimized cost benefit analysis can only be achieved with high quality gripper systems, palletizing and order picking systems and welding robot systems.

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Our Corporate News

We, the company AKON Robotics want to introduce you as a visitor to our website, not only our products.

We would also like to share with our corporate news to our new product developments in the area of the Gripper Systems, Welding Systems, Palletizing and De-Palletizing Systems and in the field of components for automation systems.

Of course, you also get more updated information, such as Internal company, trade fairs and information delivered lines and systems across our Corporate News section.

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